Prof. Hamdan Ahmad Baqan Al-Ghamdi

Professor of Educational Administration - Department of Educational Administration - College of Education

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Academic Qualifications

1- Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Education  Huston University, United States of America May 1985.

2- Master of Science (MSc) in Administrative Sciences:  Huston University, United States of America, August 1982.

3- Bachelor's Degree (BS) Public Administration  College of Economy & Administration, King Abdul Aziz University, 1398/1399 AH.

4- Certificate of Secondary School (Scientific Branch):  Thuqaif Secondary School, Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 1394/1395 AH.

5- Diploma, Teachers Preparation Institute:  Secondary School Teachers Preparation Institute, Taif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 1390/1391 AH.

Work Experience

From 05/08/1392 AH to 1398 AH:  Teacher at elementary school in Taif.
From 01/01/1398 AH:  Teacher at secondary commercial school in Taif .
From 22/01/1406 AH:  Supervisor of Academic Affairs, Ministry of Higher Education.
From 03/03/1409 AH:  Assistant professor at the Department of Education and Psychology at Teachers College, Ministry of Education.
From1412 AH to 1415AH:  Head of the Department of Education and Psychology, Teachers College, Riyadh.
From the Second Term1412 AH to the Second Term 1415 AH:  Member of the Council of Teachers College, Riyadh.
Since 04/07/1418 AH:  Associate professor.
From 15/07/1423 AH to 6/8/1426 AH:  Head of Department of Education and Psychology, Teachers College, Riyadh.
From 08/11/1417 AH to 14/11/1420 AH:  Head of the Council of the Educational Research Center, Teachers College, Riyadh
From 23/12/1421 AH to date:  Head of Teaching Staff Development Committee, Teachers college, Riyadh.
Since 29/05/1424 AH:  Full Professor.
Since 1436 AH:  Member of the Department of Educational Administration at the College of Education of King Saud University.
Since 1/11/1435 AH:  Consultant at and supervisor of the Department of Educational Administration and Supervision at Arab East Colleges for Postgraduate Studies.
Since 1/11/1435 AH.:  Member of the Council of Arab East Colleges for Postgraduate Studies.

Courses I Have Taught

1- Principles of Public Education.

2- Educational Research.

3- Educational System in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

4- School Management.

5- Educational Meetings (School Headmasters Course).

6- "Evaluating and Directing the Educational Process", Institute of Public Administration.

7- "Professional Ethics at Schools and Universities" at the Training and Community Service Center, Teachers College, King Saud University in the second term 1428/1429 AH.

8- Class Management 301 Edu.

9- Educational Leadership 502 Edu (Educational Leadership Training Center).

10- School Leadership 101 Edu (Educational Leadership Training Center).

11- Educational Research 509 Edu (Educational Leadership Training Center).

12- Applied Educational Administration 530 Eda (Department of Educational Administration).

13- Change Leadership (Educational Leadership Training Center)

14- Educational Administration in Islam 614 Eda (Department of Educational Administration).

15- School Management 531 Eda (Department of Educational Administration).

16- Higher Education in Saudi Arabia 631 Eda.

17- Evaluation of Needs and Analysis of Educational Decisions 602 E (Center of Educational Leadership Training).

18- Educational Leadership 541 Eac (East Arab Colleges).

19- Applied Educational Administration and Supervision 532 Eac (East Arab Colleges).

20- In-service Training 532 Eda.

21- Theories of Educational Administration 535 Eda.

22- Modern Educational Trends 503 Eda.

23- Graduation Project Eda.

24- Principles of Higher Education Management 632 Eda.

25- Educational System Analysis 601 Eda.

26- Education Policy and Management in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 533 Eda.

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